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About Mind Map
The mind map method is a different method from conventional structures. This method was first presented by TONY BUZAN and created a revolution in learning systems.
In mind map structure, the tree diagram is used to express concepts. In this structure, a word or phrase is selected as the main base of the article. Subsequently, if required, sub-kernels are considered as sub-bases, and we also consider additional sub-kernels, if necessary, as subsets of the sub-kernels. Finally, we come up with the most detailed part of the story that displays it in the most subsidiary branches attached to the branches.
 In this type of structure, we try to use more symbols and images. Images are always having worth learning much more than words. In this structure, both brain hemispheres are used simultaneously and learning power increases significantly.
 This method is applicable to all sciences and has very effective results, as well as a very effective way to provide individual and organizational aims and programs.
In this way, one can get an overview of the subject under review, as well as classified contents are in front of the reader's eyes. A predetermined discipline that exists gives us significant help in learning.
Finally, it can be said that the mind map is one of the best structures that is recommended for learning and has had great results for many students and even managers.