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About Mind Table
Mind Table method is a completely new and amazing way that has never been before in the world. This method can revolutionize learning. This method constructs a system of organized learning that develops the purposeful method for principled learning.
In mind table method, the lessons are completely categorized and used as a well-known mind map method. Mind map method was first presented by Tony Buzan. In this method, the contents are completely ordered and organized. 
In mind table method, all the mind map capabilities are fully utilized. Our minds have such ability that can understand better when contents are categorized, networked, and structured. Because the contents are categorized in this system and as it takes time for us to classify contents in our minds during the common study, so this system saves time. Sometimes it's necessary to study a content several times from the beginning subconsciously because of the fact that the mind could not manage the readings so this method actually saves time and prevents re-reading.
The results obtained by this method are incredible and miraculous. This system is a kind of missing link in the educational system from past to now that teaches the reader how to learn the lesson in this way faster and more principled. In this method, the number of contents sustained in mind, as well as the speed of learning was amazingly enhanced. In the usual way, the reader has entered an unknown land when he starts studying. In this way, the mind confronts some kind of calm with the contents and sees itself as dominant in the subject. 
In the textbook, when you encounter a mind table, you can find an overview of all content. The method used in the textbook is applicable to all lessons. In every text and every book that we study, the main subject maximum is up to 15% of the volume of the study, and the others are merely an additional explanation which is present for a better understanding of those 15% contents.
When we use the abstract and the subjective mind table method, we can represent those 15% contents the best and use this method is applicable to solve the questions for all so-called solvable problems, such as math, geometry, algebra, physics, static etc. 
An important feature that distinguishes problem-solving in the mind table method is as follows:
The ability to view the process of solving and structuring the solution and the extra-fast and effectiveness learning of the contents. 
The ability to compare all the questions with each other at a glance so that you can compare the hard questions with the easiest questions and find out the differences. 
In a more detailed look, you can see each step of the solution separately in different questions and identify their types at a glance. In a better statement, with this method, one can say that there is no any hard question because what makes the difference between the questions is the different process of solving that in this way you can see and compare the whole questions together. This is one of the best features of the mind table method in solving problems. The design of the table in various sources of study is based on the principle that mind can compare the different elements and recognize the differences between them.
We know that our brain captures images much better and faster than words. There is a famous sentence that worth learning a picture is more than a thousand words. The right hemisphere of the brain that has a duty of receiving and analyzing images and maps is related to the left hemisphere of the brain that has a duty of the reasoning and logic. In the mind table method, both brain functions are used simultaneously, so when using this method, the ability of learning increases at least three times.
In the end, we promise that you will be surprised at the results, you get from the study of the mind table.